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Laura Ingalls Wilder Author Study

Fifth Grade English Language Arts

Author: Barbara Thorson, Statesville, NC
Goals: Competency Goal 1: The learner will use strategies and processes that enhance control of communication skills development. Reading-Writing-Speaking-Listening-Viewing

Competency Goal 2: The learner will use language for the acquisition, interpretation, and application of information. Reading-Writing-Speaking-Listening-Viewing

Competency Goal 3: The learner will use language for critical analysis and evaluation.

The Writing Process: Writing should be taught as a natural and integral part of the curriculum. Instruction should encourage whole pieces of writing for real purposes and real audiences (and should include all stages of the writing process). The stages of the writing process include pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.
Social Studies
Competency Goals

5.2: Describe how the people of the United States, Canada, and Latin America use and modify their physical environment.

6: The learner will evaluate the significance of the movement of people, goods, and ideas from place to place.

12: The learner will trace developments in the history of the United States, Canada, and Latin America and assess their impact on the lives of people today.

Computer Competency Goals

2.1: Use technology tools to collect, analyze, and display data.

2.3: Use keyboarding skills to improve speed and accuracy.

2.4: Use a word processing application to create and format a document.

3.3: Select search strategies to obtain information.

3.6: Participate in curriculum-based telecommunications projects as a class activity.

3.7 Evaluate information found via telecommunications for appropriateness, content, and usefulness.

Internet Resource:

Laura Ingalls Wilder Web Page


English Language Arts

Activity 1:

At Web Home Page http://webpages.marshall.edu/~irby1/laura/frames.html click on Writing a School Report. Writing a Paper about Laura Ingalls Wilder offers Steps from What I need to Know? Gathering Your Information, Writing the Paper, and Documenting resources used. This assignment could be a descriptive paper about the life of Wilder, the Frontier Period, etc.
Activity 2: At the same Web Page click "Frontier Girl Newsletter." At that page you can subscribe to Laura Ingalls Wilder-Frontier Newsletter. At the first of each month your class will receive an email newsletter.
Activity 3: At the same Web Page click on Frontier Girl Postcards. At this link you can create a Frontier Girl Postcard and Pick up a card sent to you. Click on Create a postcard and follow prompts to make appropriate selections including digital pictures and music.
Activity 4: At the same Web Page click on Laura’s Family tree. "Laura’s books" provides your children’s reviews of the Little House books. The email link will allow students to post their own reviews. These could be descriptive writings.
Social Studies
& Map Skills

Activity 5:

Click on "Photo album" to view pictures of the family and houses where they lived. On a map, locate towns where the family lived.
Music - Activity 6: Click on "Pa’s Songs." Using Crescendo, you can enjoy listening and singing along with familiar tunes. Along with a brief description of when Pa played the song, the title of the Little House book series where it was played is listed.
Social Studies
Frontier Life

Activity 7:

Click on The Log Cabin in the Big Woods icon. At this site, you can click on objects in the log cabin to link to sites to see what life was like during that time period. This site also includes music played during the period. Background articles will link you to articles such as the 1874 grasshopper plaques or the 1880 winter blizzards. Print the easy word search for students to work on as they listen to the music, Old Dan Tucker. Ask the music teacher to teach students the words to the songs found at this site.
Activity 8:
To acquaint students with Listservs, the class can subscribe to the Laura Ingalls Wilder listserv. The unmoderated listserv is hosted by Texas Christian University and provides a forum for discussion of topics related to Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books. Classes may send messages to the list and messages will be automatically forwarded to members of the listserv.
Assessment At The Log Cabin in the Big Woods site, there are two quizzes the class can take as a whole group or individually.
Additional information for teachers Click on Index, Teacher Links to find a wealth of resources including a six-week Frontier Thematic Unit. Also see Laura Ingalls Wilder Home page at: http://www.pinc.com/~jenslegg/

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